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Silent Disco's are a great add-on to a normal disco and can add a lot of fun to the night when used for part of the evening or if you prefer ... the whole evening!

Our headphones can be set to 2 different channels so if our DJ is playing one style of music on one channel then a pre-progammed laptop or another DJ can play music on the other channel.  This can lead to half your guest's dancing to 1 song and half dancing to another which is great to watch ! 

Silent disco's are also great where there are noise issues.  We have done many events where we have provided a normal disco till a certain time in the evening and then switched over to Silent disco so the party can go on without annoying the neighbours. 

Our silent disco's come with the same great lighting packages as our normal disco's and we can provide from 25 to 100 headsets.  Please call or email for a quote.


We only use professional equipment and carry spare equipment so if a problem arises we can take care of it and the party goes on. 

We carry a wide variety of music to cater for all tastes.


All bookings are confirmed by contract.


Our DJ's are well presented.  Smartly dressed in a black suit unless you request otherwise. 


Our equipment is PAT tested for your safety and we are covered by Public Liability Insurance which many venues require.


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