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Rock-Box offer an in-house PAT testing service on nearly all disco equipment (Sound & Lights)

What is a PAT test ?
A PAT test is a safety test for just about any item with a plug. PAT testing of electrical items used for a professional purpose is advised in several legislations and electrical safety acts. Once an item has passed a PAT test a green pass sticker is placed on the item, the date when the item should be re-tested is written on the sticker. PAT tests should be carried out annually. In the same way a car needs to go through an M.O.T once a year, an electrical item should be P.A.T tested once a year.
All equipment which uses mains power should be tested, this includes - CD Players, Mixers, Turntables, Amps, Radio Mics, Light Controllers / Chasers, EQ's, Cross-Overs, Effects Lights, Smoke Machines, Par Cans, Spot Lights, extension Leads, Bar / Gang plugs, iec/kettle Leads.

Please Note - All equipment for PAT testing must carry
1. The 'CE' mark or the 'BS Standard' mark
2. All leads & appliances must have British plugs only (must be BS1363).

If your appliance has not got a British plug connected to it, we can supply and change the plug at a small charge. No adaptors will be PAT tested

You do not need to test Speakers or speaker leads as these do not use mains power.

Apart from the peace of mind from knowing that your equipment has been tested and found to be safe. Many venues no longer allow you to use disco equipment which is not PAT tested (the number of venues insisting on PAT tested equipment is growing day by day). If you can not do the job as you are not PAT tested then it will go to your competitor who is. When taking a booking for a PAT tested venue's many disco's increase their price which you can justify to cover the cost of the testing

We charge £1.00 per item (turntable, CD player, amp, etc.) and £1.00 per lead (iec/kettle lead, bar plug, extension lead, etc.)

The above prices are based on you bringing the equipment to us (please see the "contact us" page for our location
). We can carry out the test at your premises but we will make a charge for travel (usually around £30 but depends on location and parking). All prices shown are subject to V.A.T.

The only other cost you may encounter is if a plug is cracked and we have to put on a new plug in order to pass the item. You would just be charged the going rate for a plug.

For more information or to make a booking please call 0208 731 6408 or drop us an email.
When making a booking we ask for a £20 deposit to be paid in advance. This is simply to ensure that one of our qualified engineers is on site when you arrive, the £20 will be deducted from your bill or the difference refunded if you are getting a small number of items tested.

Please prepare equipment for the test by ensuring there is no tape on the leads. There could be a break in the cable which is hidden by tape, if we have to spend time picking tape off the cable then there will be a labour charge.
If your equipment is "hardwired", please note each item will have to be tested individually.

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